Where to Hunt, Fish & Play in Greenwood County

September 13, 2023
Did you know the largest flathead catfish in the world was 45 minutes from our southern border? With more that 11,000 acres of publicly accessible land, Greenwood County has become a mecca for fisherman, hunters, kayakers & cyclists. In addition, there are miles and miles of publicly accessible rivers for boating and fishing. If you …

Greenwood County: The Best Stargazing in Eastern Kansas

September 12, 2023
Many residents and tourists often recount that the night skies here in Greenwood County have brighter stars than anywhere else they’ve been. As it turns out, it’s not lore – it’s science! The Bortle scale is a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night sky’s brightness of a particular location. The scale ranges from Class …

Extreme & Exceptional Drought in Greenwood County

September 7, 2023
You many have read that Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has issued updated drought declarations across the state of Kansas as part of a recent executive order. Since Greenwood County is one of more than 60 counties placed into a drought emergency we’ve put together a way to monitor our current drought with data directly from …

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