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Greenwood County, Kansas

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Noxious Weed Department

The primary responsibility of the Greenwood County Noxious Weed Department is recognizing noxious weed throughout the county including State highways.  We also promote control and eradication of these noxious weeds through the enforcement of the Kansas Noxious Weed Law.  Noxious weeds that can be found in Kansas are: kudzu, field bindweed, Russian knap-weed, hoary cress, Canada thistle, quack-grass, leafy spurge, bur ragweed, pig-nut, musk thistle, Johnson grass and Sericea lespedeza.  The Department of Agriculture requires surveys and inspection of designated sections throughout the year. The Noxious Weed Department is also authorized to sell herbicide products to landowners within the county for landowners to use the herbicides in the control of noxious weeds. The facility is also the site for disposal of Household Hazardous Waste.
Jerrid Baumgartel, Director
510 S. Jefferson St.
Eureka, KS 67045
Ph. 620-583-8182