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District Staff and Technical Assistance

1819 E River St.
Eureka, Kansas 67045
620-583-5544 ext.3

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Natural Resource Conservation Service Partnership

The NRCS is a federal agency that works with the Conservation District (CD) in providing technical assistance to  Greenwood county landowners, farmer and ranchers. The CD follows the standard requirement of the NRCS on all practices receiving cost-share funds. The District and NRCS share the common goal of helping people in the wise management of land.

Who We Are

Keila Sherman, District Manager
  • Performs various administrative, secretarial and clerical duties
  • Carries out policies and operates within the guidelines set forth by the board of supervisors
  • Provides day-to-day coordination of District activities and serves as the District's representative to other agencies, organizations and the general public
  • Provides support services for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Luke Westerman, Supervisory District Conservationist

  • Furnishes technical guidance and leadership to the conservation district board in the development and implementation of the district's goals, priorities and work schedules.
  • Provides leadership in the development, analysis, and use of natural resources data in the district, including collection of information on soil resources, existing land use, conservation treatment needs, and interpreting and explaining summarized data to other agencies and groups.
  • Responsible for preparation of and revision of resource conservation plans and long-term contracts. This includes the planning and application of structural, vegetative, cultural and management practices.
  • Provides technical guidance to sponsors of watersheds in developing program schedules, securing land rights, contracting for construction, and other activities incident to organizations, installation, operation and maintenance of watersheds.
  • Organizes and carries out an informational program through the various news media.
  • Assumes responsibility for the supervisory and administrative activities of the field office.

Courtney Jackson, Rangeland Management Specialist

  • Assist farmers and ranchers in conducting resource inventories, obtaining planning information, identifying conservation opportunities, and developing conservation plans consistent wit the needs of the land and the objectives of the operator.
  • Studies trends in rangeland conditions, makes productivity determinations, evaluates amounts and patterns of grazing use, and assist landowners in keeping their grazing management plans in balance with forage resources.
  • Observes and learns techniques and methods utilized by specialist in other disciplines to analyze and solve problems and to attain an interdisciplinary approach to natural resource use.
  • Contacts cooperators to follow-up on the status of rangeland managment plan progress and encourages landowners to apply the agreed-upon conservation measures.
  • Develops a working knowledge of policies, procedures, and techniques applicable to all land uses and major conservation activities with in area to which assigned.
  • Participates in all appropriate administrative activities of the office, including preparation of news releases on rangeland management topics of local interest. Attends meetings of various rural and urban groups to explain program and performs other duties as assigned.

Ryan Henry, Conservation Technician

  • Provides information and assistance to the district conservationist in analyzing workloads, developing plans of operation, and establishing goals in line with needs, available staff, and other resources.
  • Completes routine progress and timekeeping reports, and keeping the district conservationist informed.
  • Works with the district conservationist in providing guidance to the conservation district board in developing and carry-out the district's program and coordinating the district's program and work plan with the field office program.
  • Provides technical assistance and guidance to individuals, small groups and units of government in the development and implementation of conservation and resource plans.
  • Applies a follow-up and maintenance program on lands of producers so that conservation and resource plans reflect current needs and objectives, determines progress, and provides assistance in implementing the plans.

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620-583-5544 ext.3