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Welcome To
Greenwood County, Kansas

Recycle Program

The Recycling program,started in 2011, is designed to be a benefit to the whole community.  We have made an effort to make the recycling program accessible to everyone in the county by taking collection trailers to different communities.  The towns in which we collect from are Hamilton, Severy, and Eureka. We have a mixed recycling trailer out at the county shop located at 510 S. Jefferson. There are also wire framed baskets designed to hold large amounts of cardboard.

 HAMILTON--- Full time location West of fire barn- 12 Main Street

SEVERY--- Full time location located across the street from City Hall- 100 Kansas Ave.

Every Wednesday & Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm at GW County Shop or whenever the green trailer is out.

Items accepted in trailer:
                Newspapers – needs to be clean and dry

                Glass – containers of any kind and color, these no longer need to be sorted

                Steel cans – Rinsed out


                HDPE #2 – Plastic, opaque in color – milk and vinegar jugs, rinsed & the lids removed

                HDPE #2 – Plastic, colored-laundry detergent bottles, rinsed & the lids removed

                PETE #1 – Plastic, pop bottles, water bottles, and most clear plastics, rinsed & lids removed

                Mixed Paper/Office Paper – Junk mail, office waste and any other recyclable paper

Cardboard is placed in the wire basket next to the recycle trailer.          
             Cardboard – Corrugated and pressed cardboard 

 Please take time to help the environment and keep Greenwood County Green.