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Greenwood County Cost-Share Programs

Non-point Source (NPS) and Water Resources (WR)

"Much of today's water pollution occurs because of runoff from nonpoint sources--city streets, parking lots, farms, construction sites, and logging and mining operations. Pollutants in such runoff include sediment; pesticides and fertilizers from agriculture, lawns, parks,...This kind of water pollution, called nonpoint source pollution, affects both surface water and ground water and is far harder to control... simply because the origin of the contaminants cannot be pinpointed." Source of information: click here for full article on the NRCS website Non-point source article

NPS Practices Available for Cost Share Assistance

A Contract is between the Division of Conservation, Kansas Department of Agriculture (referred to as the DOC) and the landowner(s). County average cost and cost-share rate, will not exceed the landowner actual cost. County average cost is used as a basis for determining the amount of cost-share assistance earned. Cost-share is also determined based upon availability of funds, project type limits, and landowner limits. A landowner will not be reimbursed more than 100% of the landowner actual cost for a project. The district uses a ranking worksheet to determine eligibility. More information is available at the Eureka Conservation Office.

NPS Practices listed below but not limited to:

Well Decommissioning
Critical Area Planting
Grade Stabilization Structure
Heavy Use Area Protection
Livestock Waste System
Waste Storage Facility
Water Facility- Tire Tank, Concrete, Energy Free
Wind Break
Forage and Biomass Planting
Range Planting
Wetland Creation and Restoration

WR Practices Available for Cost Share Assistance

WR Practices listed below but not limited to:

Contour Buffer Strips
Critical Area Planting
Field Boarder
Grade Stablilization
Forage and Biomass Planting
Heavy Use Area Protection
Watering Facility
Riparian Forest Buffer
Spring Development
Wetland Enhancement and Restoration
Water and Sediment Control Basin
Stream Crossing

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